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If you are involved in any type of motorcycle accident or bicycle/bike accident, consult the San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys of the Dolan Law Firm regarding your rights as soon as possible. There is no fee for an evaluation of your case. Our San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland area motorcycle accident lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis, getting a percentage of your recovery only if a settlement or verdict is achieved in your favor. Even if the police report is against you, you still may have a case; the police don’t always get it right.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Ally

Insurance companies pay their lawyers by the hour to try and make sure you get no money or as little money as possible. They will contact you immediately and try to take your statement. Don’t do it -- the information you give can be used against you. You should not talk to an insurance company before consulting with an experienced San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland area motorcycle accident & bike injury lawyer.

Our San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are On Your Side

As motorcycle / cycle enthusiasts ourselves, we at the Dolan Law Firm understand the seriousness of your case. Our love of bikes of all kinds has motivated us to gain many million-dollar lawsuit settlements and verdicts on behalf of those suffering from motorcycle and bicycle injuries in California. For example, our lead trial attorney, Christopher Dolan, won a $2,494,000 verdict and $100,000 settlement for a motorcyclist whose accident was caused by road hazards. Before we took his case, our client was facing little compensation at all, since the police report had erroneously attributed 100% of the fault for the accident to him.

In another example Chris Dolan represented a 33-year-old woman who was traveling on her Trek road bike with a Snell approved helmet - in the bike lane - on Tesla Road in Livermore. She was completing a 20-mile bike loop when she came upon a portion of the roadway that had been shaved for repaving, thereby removing the top several inches and leaving uneven, grooved pavement and loose asphalt. There was a two inch sharp edge where the grading work had ceased. The area was not marked with loose pavement signs, bump ahead signs, or other warning signs. The conditions, combined with the lip, caused the bike to wobble and the rider to be thrown to the pavement wherein she suffered a severe head injury requiring two brain surgeries to relieve pressure building from her bruised and bleeding brain. Her recovery was hindered by persistent memory deficits. The case was filed in Alameda County and was prosecuted by Chris Dolan and Shaana Rahman from  The Dolan Law Firm. Settlement was achieved through mediation which included contribution from The City of Livermore, the paving contractor, the sweeping contractor and the developer in the total amount of $2,243,500.00.

Our skill and experience can help you get money for medical bills, mechanical repairs, or your pain and suffering.

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Contact our San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland area motorcycle accident injury lawyers today for a free case evaluation. And please act quickly -- time limits, called statutes of limitations, require that you act promptly to protect your rights.

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