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Aggressive representation of injured San Francisco bicyclists

Most San Francisco bicyclists are extremely careful when they take to our city's roadways. Indeed, they have to be. When a cyclist gets into an accident with an automobile, they are at a devastating disadvantage. Due to the size and weight of the typical motor vehicle, the injuries suffered by a bicyclist in such a crash can be disabling and fatal. Meanwhile, car drivers usually do not even suffer a scratch.

At the Dolan Law firm, we have extensive experiences and a wide array of special resources that can help bicyclists who have suffered a serious injury in a car crash that happened due to no fault of their own. We can also help the family members of bicyclists who were killed in such accidents.

Burns after a motorcycle accident might require medical care

Motorcycle accidents can cause a host of injuries. One possible injury is a burn. When a motorcycle is struck by another vehicle, there is a chance that the gas tank may explode or that either the motorcycle or the vehicle will catch on fire. In either case, a burn might occur.

There are three degrees of burns that you should know about. A first-degree burn is the least serious, while a third-degree burn is the most serious. In many cases, a first-degree burn can be treated with basic first aid. Second-degree burns and third-degree burns usually require medical treatment.

Seek compensation for your loved one's wrongful death

Losing a loved one because another person was negligent is a horrible experience for anyone to go through. These cases are often very tragic. While it might not help any of those left behind to cope with their loved one's death, it might be possible for the immediate family members of the deceased person to seek compensation for that death.

We know that you are likely to have questions about whether a wrongful death lawsuit is something you should explore. We can go over the facts of your case with you to help you learn if your case would be considered a wrongful death case and if it is, we can help you learn how to proceed with your claims for compensation.

Alleged drunk driver kills 4 in horrible accident

Drinking and driving is never something that is acceptable. When a driver decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking, that driver is putting the lives of everyone else on the roadway is his or her hands. This point was proven in a horrifying way on May 12.

On that night, a man decided to get behind the wheel of his 1997 Ford Mustang allegedly after drinking. While he was driving through a hard turn, he ran into a concrete drainage ditch. He survived, but his passengers didn't. He is now facing criminal charges for those deaths.

What should I know about post-traumatic stress disorder?

Being in an accident means that you will likely feel some mental and emotional changes after the accident. Those changes are normal; however, if they don't abate as time goes on, you might be suffering from a serious mental health issue known as post-traumatic stress disorder.

What can cause PTSD?

How can pedestrians stay safe?

Walking around San Francisco is a lovely way to see the city. It is important, however, that everyone who decides to stroll about take appropriate steps to remain safe. It is also vitally important that all drivers take the necessary steps to keep pedestrians safe.

Who is likely to be involved in a pedestrian accident?

Various injuries are possible when you are in a car accident

Anyone who has read our blog knows that car accidents can cause injuries. There is a variety of injuries that can occur during a car accident. The types of injuries that actually occur are different from one accident to the next. The severity of the injuries can also vary. Since some injuries might not be apparent right away, anyone who is involved in an accident should know about the different types of injuries that might occur.

Chest and neck injuries can occur in a car accident. These can be caused by accidents like rear-end collisions when the head and neck snap forward and backward. Whiplash is an example of a neck injury that might occur. In some cases, blunt force trauma to the area can cause injuries. For example, collapsed lungs and broken ribs can occur if there is a blow to the chest area.

Putting the emphasis on recovery in personal injury lawsuits

Regardless of how it occurs, being injured through no fault of your own is often a harrowing experience. Victims and their families suffer in several different ways from the injuries themselves to a temporary or permanent loss of independence to emotional or psychological trauma. Another way they suffer is through the loss of income due to missed work and treatment expenses.

One way San Francisco area accident victims can choose to handle their hardships is by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Despite common belief, these types of lawsuits are less about punishing the alleged guilty party and more about promoting total recovery. This includes medical, mental and financial recovery. Here is how recovery can be achieved in a best-case scenario.

Failure to see isn't a valid excuse for causing an accident

As the summer weather closes in on California, bicyclists and motorcyclists will head out in droves. This means that drivers will have to watch carefully for these riders. Unfortunately, not all drivers do that. Instead, some drivers slam into bicyclists and motorcyclists and later claim they couldn't see the victims.

Of course, it is possible that glares and obstructed views might lead to difficulty seeing motorcycles and bicycles. Still, that isn't an excuse to crash into one. When you consider the severity of the injuries these bicycle and motorcycle accidents can cause, it should be easy to see why those excuses just don't fly.

Widow alleges botched response to in-flight medical emergency

Going on a business trip isn't something that most people associate with death; however, a business trip and a flight on Southwest Airlines are factors being named in a wrongful death lawsuit. Last year, a 46-year-old financial analyst was traveling to Orange County, California, when he suffered from a pulmonary embolism. The wrongful death lawsuit, which is being filed by his widow, claims that the airline didn't help him and opted to treat him like a passenger who was out of control.

A pulmonary embolism is a condition in which one of the pulmonary arteries to the lungs becomes blocked, usually by a blood clot. Prompt treatment of a pulmonary embolism can greatly reduce the risk of the pulmonary embolism being fatal, notes the Mayo Clinic.