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Making a claim for a wrongful death is fair

When you lose someone you love, the first thing you think to do won't likely be to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but it's something you should consider. These claims aren't made simply to be cruel or demanding; they are necessary to help gain compensation for the survivors' loss. When you realize that you want to make a claim, it's vital that you take quick steps to do so, so you won't be stopped by a limitation on the time you have to make a claim.

There are multiple losses that are suffered when someone dies; financially, wages are lost, while personally, companionship is lost. Children may have lost a father or mother, while siblings may have lost their brother or sister. Funeral expenses and medical bills also add to the stress of a difficult time.

What should you do after a bicycling accident?

After you're in a car-bicycle accident, there are a few things you need to make sure you do. You'll want to call the police and collect information at the scene if you're able to, and if you're injured, you should make sure that the emergency services are aware of your injuries.

Right after an accident, make sure the driver stays at the scene until the police come to the scene. If they don't stay, try to get the car's description and license plate number. If you get the license plate number, remember that the state of issue is also important to retain.

Boys suffer serious injuries after being hit by car

Your children are the most important people to you, and imagining that someone would put them in danger is a horrible feeling. Every time they leave for school, they're in danger of being in an accident. That's what happened in this case, and if it happens to you, you deserve to speak with your attorney to learn about the options you have for compensation.

The boys in this crash are expected to recover, which is one good thing that has come out of a near-tragedy. A driver in San Francisco has been arrested for striking down two young boys as they attempted to cross the street on their way to school. According to the news, the boys, both 12, are part of the Marina neighborhood. They were in a crosswalk at around 8:30 a.m. when the vehicle, which was being driven by an alleged drunken driver, collided with them.

Takata air bags the center of massive recall for defects

When you're driving, you hope that all the parts in your vehicle are working correctly. One that you may hope never to see is the air bag, which should only deploy in an accident. Sometimes, these air bags deploy at the wrong time or don't work correctly in an accident, and that's when the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration can step in to make a change or to issue a recall. If you're affected by it, then your attorney would be able to help you get compensated for your injuries or the damages to your vehicle.

To protect the public from Takata air bag inflators that have been found to be defective, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued the largest civil penalty in its history. The NHTSA has also used its authority to accelerate the recalls and repairs on these vehicles, millions of which have been affected.

Scary statistics about Halloween car accidents

Halloween is a fun time of year for children and adults alike, but one misstep could lead to injuries for your child and a trip to the hospital. While you can work with an attorney to obtain compensation, the best method is always to avoid getting injured in the first place. Trick-or-Treating happens during the day and night depending on the location, and many parties and events are taking place around the state. Around 89 percent of parents have reported that their children take part in Halloween activities, but some of those activities can become dangerous for children.

Over twice as many children are killed in vehicle accidents as pedestrians between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Halloween as compared to the same times on other days during the year; this scary statistic shows why it's important to talk to your child about safety.

Who is responsible if a motorcycle tire fails during travel?

Using the right kind of tires on your motorcycle can help prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle. If the wrong tires are used, are over-inflated, or are not inflated enough, you could be at risk of injury. Worse yet, if they're installed incorrectly, you could lose a tire and be thrown from your vehicle.

Who could be held responsible if your tires fail on you? It could be a fault with the manufacturing of the tires or with the way they were installed by a mechanic or other professional. Your injuries, in that case, could be referred to in a claim against the party you believe is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney can help you get together your information to file a formal claim, but in the meantime, learning the importance of proper inspections and maintenance may help your case.

Studies show an increase in drugged driving in America

If you've been in an accident and are working with your attorney to obtain compensation, these statistics may be of some help. Impaired driving is a major concern within the United States, and a new release of information through 2013 and 2014 has updated the data related to drunk and drugged drivers. The data has been collected from 300 roadside sites around the country, and the data was given voluntarily.

The findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that drinking and driving is on the decline. In fact, between 2007 and 2014, the number of drivers with alcohol levels high enough to be measured during a stop declined by around 30 percent.

How can pools be kept safe for children?

Keeping your child safe around swimming pools and other bodies of water is important, because it only takes a few seconds for water to be inhaled and drowning to begin. Adults should always be present when children are in a pool, and for those who are still toddlers, parents should be within arm's reach.

When it comes to taking your child to another person's home or to a community pool, the area should be clean and a responsible lifeguard should be on duty. Not maintaining a safe environment can lead to injuries and even the death of a child.

What is project Vision Zero SF?

The project known as Vision Zero aims to help reduce the number of fatal traffic crashes involving pedestrians to zero by the year 2024. As someone who lives in San Francisco, you know that while this is a program with high expectations, any reduction in the number of pedestrian accidents or fatalities is welcome.

If you are a bicyclist or pedestrian, this program means safety for you. Right now, you may be looking to file a claim with your attorney against someone who struck you in a crosswalk or while you were riding your bike; can you imagine a time when you wouldn't need to be concerned about that kind of life-threatening accident?

Pedestrians with headphones are getting into more accidents

A lot of people love wearing headphones when they walk or go for a jog. It helps them pass the time. It's a way to listen to music, podcasts or books without disturbing anyone else; gone are the days of having a boombox on your shoulder.

However, as enjoyable as this can be, some studies have shown that it's also dangerous. More and more often, pedestrians are getting into accidents while they have these headphone in.