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What are some changes in pedestrian injuries at different speeds?

Pedestrians must be careful near roadways, because a distracted driver or one who is speeding could cause an accident. Someone who walks near the roads while distracted can also put his or her own life at risk.

While it's nice to think that people always obey the rules of the road, the fact is that people don't. Speeding, texting while driving, looking away from the road to break up an argument in the car and other kinds of situations can cause collisions. Drivers may think that just a second or two doesn't matter, but for a pedestrian crossing the road, every second counts.

Bus accident leaves 2 dead, several injured in California

If you take public transportation, one of the things you may be concerned about is the driver's ability to drive safely. You don't get to know much about your driver, but you trust that they've been able to get enough rest, are trained appropriately and know how to follow the rules of the road. When a driver is too tired, accidents can happen that hurt you, your loved ones and others.

When that happens, one of the only options you'll have is to seek compensation from the company or driver. Your attorney can help you do this, but it won't ever repair the damage that has already been done.

Bicycling and safety: Why accidents happen

Riding a bicycle is a healthy activity that can get you in shape and get you where you want to go. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous due to roadways that weren't designed for bicyclists but instead for large, speeding vehicles.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that over 900 bicyclists had been killed and around 494,000 emergency department visits were caused by bicycle-related injuries. Many of these injuries resulted in the need for lifetime care and medical costs.

What can drivers do to be safer around pedestrians?

Drivers don't usually get behind the wheel of a vehicle aiming to hit someone. Even so, negligent actions can result in a crash with a pedestrian or bicyclist, which can be devastating to the victim. What can drivers do to avoid these accidents?

Being alert is the main thing drivers need to do. Drivers should monitor the sides of the road, sidewalks and oncoming traffic to make sure no pedestrians or bicyclists are crossing the road in their paths. Drivers should step away from using cellphones or texting while driving, since this can lead to accidents due to looking away from the road.

The types of awards you can expect in a wrongful death lawsuit

If you lose a loved one in an accident caused by another person's negligence, then you'll be able to file a wrongful death claim against that person. There is a standard of proof that you'll need to meet in order to win your case. Your attorney can help make sure you have all the evidence and documents in order before you proceed.

Each element of a wrongful death lawsuit must be present to take it to court. The elements include having an appointed representative for the deceased, the ability to show monetary suffering caused by the death, the ability to show that negligence caused the death, and the proof that it was a human being who passed away. Pets and other creatures do not qualify for wrongful death lawsuits.

Stay safe when you ride your bicycle on the roads

Riding a bicycle can be dangerous, but by following some safety tips, you can keep yourself safer on the roads. For instance, it is important to always be in control of your bicycle; don't travel too fast or in dangerous areas if you can't handle your bike. Second, make sure to wear your helmet to prevent a head injury in a crash. Third, ride with traffic, not against it, and fourth, always try to stay as visible and alert as possible, so you can try to prevent accidents if others aren't paying attention.

To stay visible, consider wearing bright-colored clothing or purchasing a visibility vest. These vests are bright yellow, green or orange. You often see construction workers wearing them to make themselves stand out on work sites on highways or roadways.

Pedestrian vs. bus accidents: You can seek compensation

With public transportation, you probably feel like you're going to get where you're going safely. That may be the case most of the time, but it's still possible to get in accidents while on a bus or train.

In a 2009 research study, it was found that the bus occupant fatality rate was 45 deaths per 100,000 accidents. That's significantly lower than the likelihood of death when in a passenger vehicle; in that case, the death rate is 251 deaths per 100,000 accidents. That doesn't include information on what kind of accidents took place, but they could include incidents involving pedestrians.

You can get compensation for car accident injuries

It's not very often that you go a day without hearing about a car accident somewhere in town. They're common, but that doesn't mean they need to happen. Dangerous and negligent drivers need to be kept off the roads to prevent injuries and deaths from taking place. If you've been in a car accident, you know that you deserve more than to be hurt when you're doing your part on the roads.

Your attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation that comes in a number of categories. For instance, pain and suffering compensation may be provided if you suffer severe pain, long-term injuries or other issues as a result of the accident.

You can fight for compensation after a bike accident

Getting into a bicycle accident can happen suddenly. You may get bumped from behind by a vehicle, passed by a car that gets too close and forces you off the road or could even be hit in a head-on collision. Drivers don't always prepare for cyclists on the road, and that can make cycling dangerous.

After your accident, it's important to remember that your injuries and needs should come first. If that means taking time in the hospital to recover or time at home to heal, then do that. However, you should know that your time to claim for your injuries is limited by law, so it's important to start you claim as soon as possible.

What is a bike yield law and is it helpful?

Bike yield laws are not yet in place in San Francisco that are intended to keep pedestrians safe. The Bike Yield Law is a new and potential law that people in the area are asking for, because its adoption could help reduce the number of traffic deaths that take place each day and throughout the year in the city. If you've been hit by a cyclist or other kind of vehicle, you know you have to work with your attorney to obtain compensation and you have to take time to recover. Any law that can prevent injuries is normally a move in the right direction.

The Bike Yield Law isn't actually designed to help cyclists. Instead, it aims to reduce the hazard of cyclists to pedestrians. The law would be the first to state that road users have to yield to those who are walking, regardless of the vehicle. The law has been endorsed by all members of the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee.